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Our Field Provers

We use various types of meter proving devices to prove all types of meter including PD, Turbine, Coriolis, and Ultrasonic meters.

Unit # 4 FMD 090

Volumes:75/40 gallons

Flow rate:

Max: 13,000 Bbl/hr

Min: 13 bbl/hr

Maximum working pressure: 1440 psig

Conections: 10 inch C&C hammer unions

Features: 10 inch Master Meter for proving using master meter method, 10 inch loading arms requires no hoses for hook up, mounted on a truck allows for easy access to your system.

Volume: 1.786 Bbls

Flow rate maximum: 3500 Bbl/hr

Working pressure: 275 psig

Features: Low pressure drop through system.


Unit # 2 FMD 035

Volumes:25/20 gallons

Flow rate

Max: 4,500 Bbl/hr

Min: 4 Bbl/hr

Maximum Working pressure:  1440 psig

Conections: 6 inch Kemper 206 hammer unions

Features: 6 inch Master Meter for proving using master meter method, 6 inch loading arms doesn't require hoses to connect,

Coming soon: Density meter mounted on the front of prover to directly prove in mass!




Unit # 3 6 inch Bi-Di


2.38827 Bbls

Flow rates

Max: 850 Bbl/hr

Min: 50 Bbl/hr

Maximum working pressure: 1440 psig

Features: connections on one side for easy hook ups, centifuge mounted for S&W calibration. Its our one stop shop for LACT skid proving and calibration.



16 inch Bi-Di


23.786 Bbls

Maximum flow rate: 4,500 Bbl/hr

Maximum working pressure : 375 psig

For applications that require a larger volume between prover switches


Unit # 1 Can Prover


One 1000 gallon prover

One 200 gallon prover


Features: 240VAC return pump for faster discharging, various bottom connections for the 1000 gallon for different applications






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